Centre de ressources pédagogiques (CRP)

Le Centre est situé dans le Parc d'activités de Wavre Nord.

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We allow the teachers, the teaching candidates, the students and the parents to traverse all the horizons of the teaching offer so that they can acquire the tool which is necessary for them and which corresponds to their waitings. Thus nearly 8000 books or software are available in consultation on the spot (no loan is carried out). No copy is carried out various educational tools. Those are placed at our disposal and this gracefully by a series of Publishers. The Educational Resource and Language Centre of Walloon Brabant is intended as a place for lifelong training, as a documentation centre and as a place for presenting new educational tools. The Centre has a site in Wavre and a second in Jodoigne. The Centre is open during normal business hours. As a result, it is also open during school holidays and until 6 p.m. More informations informations in appendix. Dowload it.....

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